Award winning results

Our customers choose The Swift Logistics because of our ability to automate transportation business processes, provide transportation accounting for multiple locations, and transportation metrics insights around all transportation activity.

“Absolutely the best, we wanted to try a new service and after the first week of working with them, we had all our courier moved to swift logistics.“

Dave Walker

Store Manager, NJ

Thank you The Swift Logistics! I bought a minivan for me and my family and due to an emergency I needed my money back. The Swift Logistics refunded my payment within ONLY 3 hours. Great Customer Service!

Maria Marquez

Middleton, ID

I appreciate the personalized attention and the quick response from inquiries.

Frances Holt

Dallas, Texas

The Swift Logistics is a life saver! I purchased a piece of equipment for my company ( a backhoe loader ). No issues to report! Our equipment arrived exactly on the scheduled date! Very much appreciated!

Manuela Perez

Aurora, Colorado

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